Are you ready to give up anxiety and overwhelm so you can start living a balanced family life ?

In this free 5 video sequence I will walk you through how to:

  • make the best use of your time so you will never have to feel like you are racing against it

  • Get your children to become more independent so they can follow your flow

  • Be in control so you can be the one setting the rules for everyone to follow and not vice-versa

  • Design your day and prioritize yourself so you can be at your best with your kids

  • How to nail your routine so you can finally make time for yourself while keeping it all together


When I had my first baby I thought life as a mother was just not for me. I fell into post natal depression for two years and lived in the every day spiral of anxiety, overwhelm and sleep depravation.

Once finally bored of my own complaining, I decided there had to be more to family life than struggle and misery! I finally created a structure that worked for me and my family, it helped me find myself again and grow my self confidence while mastering the power of being the best version of me.

Gone are the days of exchanging your soul and time for motherhood and meeting everyone’s needs first while yours aren’t even on the list! I have had the honour to help countless mamas out there and I am so grateful for the ability to make an impact and help other women create a perfectly balanced routine and lifestyle. You deserve it and you really can be a good mother while making time for yourself again. And I am going to show you how to do it!


Sign up for this free video sequence now and join me on the other side of motherhood, where you are
in control and thriving while being a 21st century groovy and bold mama to your children!


“Elena you are such a passionate soul, your take on motherhood is the right balance between what children need and what children want! Your coaching approach is very relatable, I feel like the benefits are transformational and easy to take in and apply. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“I started struggling when my second baby came along, I felt anxious about venturing out of the house and my routine was all over the place. Decided to get the support from Elena and the advice she gave me was priceless! She is very practical and I was literally able to make a shift over night. Elena is very knowledgable and experienced in her field and I would recommend her to anyone struggling to find their feet as a new mum. We find ourselves adapting to a new life with kids and Elena makes this journey so much easier!”

“Elena is so passionate about helping mums find their happiness because she has been there. She knows the guilt, burden and anxiety of motherhood and she knows the freedom that comes with choosing to be happy. “